Period 5 – God loves us all

Period 5 – God loves us all

Can you measure how much your mother loves you? You can’t measure. Same way how much God loves us can’t be measured. When somebody loves us and takes care of us what should we do? We should also love them and obey them. We should respect and listen to our parents. They will always do everything that is good for us.


“Gods love is so wonderful”

God’s love is so wonderful (2)
Oh! wonderful love!
So high we can’t go over it
So deep we can’t go under it
So wide we can’t go around it
Oh wonderful Love.

In Hindi
Anokha Pyar Prabhu ka (2)
Kitna Anokha Pyar
Ooncha chu nahi sakte
Gahara Pahunch nahi sakte
Chouda Naap nahi sakte
Kitna anokha pyar

  • Rama here, Rama there, Rama Rama everywhere God is one, God is one, God is one for everyone Ask
    the children to sing with different names of God
Silent Sitting
  • God is one for everyone