Period 40 – Contentment

Period 40 – Contentment

What does ‘being content’ mean? It means being happy with who you are and what you have.

Story of Snub nose

A small boy fervently prays to God to grant him a sharp nose so that he can look handsome like his friend.God sends angel Gabriel to grant him his wish. The boy is initially very happy because God has granted him a sharp nose but on looking into a mirror.… is horrified to see his very long snowman nose. He now realises that GOD KNOWS BEST & has already given him everything that is very good for him. He now apologises to God & asks him to grant him back his original nose. God is happy with him & grants him his original nose.

Do you and your friends look alike? No! There are fat, thin, dark, fair tall and short children. Some of you may be a good singer, good dancer, have good handwriting, good drawing etc.So always be happy about what you have and how you look.


“I am the way I am”

I am the way I am
And I am very happy with that
I may be short or I may be tall
My body may be thin or fat
But it really doesn’t matter at all
I am the way I am

  • Name all things that you have. Each of you have different gifts. It is easy to be happy when one by one,you think of all the things that you have. Count your blessings.
Silent Sitting
  • I will be happy with what God has given me. I will also be happy for my friends for what God has given them.