Period 3 – Where is God?

Period 3 – Where is God?


In a beautiful house and a wonderful family lives Darshan. Loving parents get him whatever is necessary for him. Mother always tells him to pray and be a good boy. Darshan is a good boy but forgets to pray daily.Its morning and he had to go to school. Darshan got up and sat on the bed and at the same time some one standing by the side of his bed smiled beautifully said, “Hi! Good morning, dear friend”. But no time for Darshan to look or listen because he is getting late and has to finish his homework also. He went to brush his teeth and take bath and out there someone waits with a big smile and said “Hi! Good morning” but no time to look. He came to eat his breakfast and next to him someone waited for Darshan to offer him food. Again a big NO. Darshan got busy with his homework. After he finished, he was rushing to get ready for school and mother called out, “Darshan did you say your prayers?” Darshan said “No, Ma. I am getting late for school.” When he was putting his shoes someone was waiting near him but again he did not look up as the bus had come. But his friend followed him. In the evening when Darshan came from school friend said, “Hi! Good evening”. Darshan was in a great hurry to go & play. So he didn’t hear his friend’s voice. He had his milk and snacks and rushed out to play. After playing, Darshan came home. As he came rushing in, he did not see the water on the floor and he slipped and fell down. He shouted, “Oh my God. Mummy”.

Before mother arrived his friend who was with him throughout the day stands by him and consoles him.Darshan asked “ who are you?” “ I am your friend” Darshan said, “ what my friend? I have not seen you before.” “Yes I am your friend. Do you remember what you shouted when you fell down. You said “oh my God’’. Yes I am your friend God.” Darshan asked how did you came so fast even before my mother?”.God smiled said, “ My friend Darshan, I am always with you. Waiting for you to talk to me.I wished you in the morning. I thought you will offer me food so that I can give it back to you as prasad. But you never remembered me till now. The minute you remembered me and called , I came running to you. Not only you my friend I am with everyone. I love all of you. In return I just want you also love every being in this world. Love all and serve all. That will make me very happy.” Darshan promised God that he will always remember God and love all and serve all.

  • After the story, ask the children – so is there any need to be scared of anything? Whenever you are afraid or feeling alone think of God. Remember that God is always with you and He loves you very much.

“When I go to bed every night”

When I go to bed every night
I wish to sleep sound and tight
So with me my Sai I take
Who is with me when I sleep and wake
So in the morning when I rise I call out Sai Sai Sai
I then brush my teeth and call out Sai Sai Sai
I take a bath and call out Sai Sai Sai
Before I eat my food I call out Sai Sai Sai
I go to school saying Sai Sai Sai
I play with friends and say Sai Sai Sai
Again at night before sleeping I call out Sai Sai Sai

Silent sitting
  • Please God always be with me, guide me , protect me.