Period 29 – Healthy and Junk food

Period 29 – Healthy and Junk food

Sloka – Revision
Story on Healthy food & Junk food

Reggie Mouse’s Shrinking Clothes
  • Reggie Mouse loved cheese. He ate cheese for breakfast, cheese for lunch, and cheese for dinner. Reggie Mouse ate cheese and nothing else. Reggie’s mom, Rita Mouse, always said to him, “Reggie, it is fine to eat cheese, but you should also eat healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, cereal, breads, chicken, and fish,too.” Reggie Mouse would smile and say, “No way, Mom, I only eat cheese and nothing else.” One day as Reggie Mouse got dressed, all the buttons on his shirt went, “Pop, Pop, Pop.” “Oh, no, my shirt has “SHRUNK!” cried Reggie Mouse. And as Reggie Mouse put on a pair of his pants, “Rip, Rip, Rip,” went the pants. “Oh, no, my pants have “SHRUNK!” too, cried Reggie Mouse. Reggie Mouse then ran to his closet and tried on all of his clothes. “Pop, Pop, Pop” went all the buttons on all of his shirts. “Rip, Rip,Rip,” went all of his pants.
  • Reggie Mouse cried and cried and said, “Oh, no, all of my clothes have ‘SHRUNK! What can I do?” Rita Mouse heard her mouse-son crying. She quickly walked into his bedroom and asked in a gentle voice,“Reggie,why are you crying and why are your clothes all on floor?” “Oh, Mom, it’s awful, my clothes have all “SHRUNK,” cried Reggie Mouse in his saddest mouse-voice. “Hmmmm, all your clothes have ‘SHRUNK’? I think I know what we can do to ‘Un-Shrink’ them,” she said. “Reggie, if you want to ‘Un-Shrink’ your clothes you must stop eating only cheese and begin eating healthy foods like fruits,vegetables, cereal, breads ” said his mom. That night Reggie Mouse ate carrots, spinach, and grapes for dinner. And in a very short time by eating healthy foods, Reggie’s clothes “UN-SHRUNK!”
Song on fruit and vegetable

“We are Pumpkins”

We are Pumpkins, big and round
Big and round,Big and round
We are pumpkins big and round
Seated on the ground.
We are onions round and white…. We make soup taste right
We are cabbage green and red … See our funny head
We are carrots orange and long…. We Keeps your eyes good and bright
We are corn stalks tall and straight … don’t we just taste great?


  • colouring of vegetables and fruits