Period 28 – Food and eating habits

Period 28 – Food and eating habits

If you do not wash your hands before you eat, the dirt from your hands goes into your stomach. It will make you ill. You are strong and healthy because your mother cooks good, clean food. She gives you clean, boiled water to drink. Being clean and tidy keeps you healthy. We must eat all vegetables and fruits. When we offer food to God before we eat, it becomes prasad.


Harir data Harir Bhoktaa, harir annam Prajapathi
Harir vipra Sharirasthu, bhoonkte bhojayate Hari.
Show fruit and vegetable chart to explain good and healthy food


Aloo bola mujko khalo,
mai tumko mota kar doonga
Palak bola mujko khalo
Mai tho tumko thakhat doonga
Gobi, mutter, tomato bole
Gajar, bhindi, baingan bole
Agar hame bhi tum khaoge tho
Roj roj badhthe javoge

Silent Sitting
  • All vegetables and fruits are good for me. I will eat healthy food.