Period 25 – Truth

Period 25 – Truth
Always tell the truth

Little Lata broke a beautiful jug in the kitchen. She was very frightened. She was alone at home and knew that no one had seen her do it. So at first she thought that she would put the blame on someone else if her mother asked her about it.

But her little inner voice began to talk to her, “Lata, you know that no one else has done it. Why do you want to hide the truth? Tell Mummy about it. At first she will definitely be sad and angry about it, but she is sure to forgive you. She always asks you to speak the truth, doesn’t she? Even your school teachers insist upon the truth, don’t they?”

So Lata approached her mother. She told her the whole truth of how the jug had fallen from her hand when she was trying to lift it from the high shelf. Oh! What relief she felt after speaking the truth. Then she slowly raised her eyes and looked up to see if her mother was very angry with her. But No, Mummy took her in her arms, kissed her and said, “My child, I am so proud of you. Always stick to the Truth, for Truth is God.”

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