Period 24 – Truth

Period 24 – Truth

Why should you speak truth? Truth makes you strong. When you speak the truth, you are not afraid. You become strong in your mind. Gandhiji loved truth. He spoke only truth. This made him very strong and brave. Revision of Kokila Vrat story. Truth gives you peace. When you lie, you feel frightened. If you get caught, there is so much shame and you will get a bad name. Speaking the truth is a very easy way to be peaceful.

Story of The boy who cried wolf

Once upon a time, there lived a shepherd-boy called Peter. He got bored tending sheep every day.

One day, he thought to himself – why not play a trick on the villagers?

He shouted, “wolf! wolf!. The villagers thought a wolf had come to attack the sheep. They rushed up the hill. They were very angry when they knew it was a joke that Peter had played on them.

A few days later, Peter did the same thing again. Again, the villagers rushed to his help. This time, they were so angry that they decided never to help Peter again.

After a few days, Peter sat on the hill thinking up another trick to play.

Suddenly, he heard a low growl.

Turning around he saw a huge wolf. He screamed, “ Wolf! Wolf!” The villagers did not come to help.They thought he was playing a trick again! Peter’s sheep were killed. He had to run very fast through a field of thorny bushes to escape from the wolf. He was badly hurt and lost all his sheep.

Peter could have read a book or played his flute while he tended the sheep, but he did not usehis time well. He got bored and that is why he thought of playing such trick on the villagers. He nearly lost his life. This is what happens to people who do not use their time well.

When you are young if you learn to spend your time usefully. You will find it helps you later in life.

Game – Song
Who’s Afraid Of..

“Who is afraid of the big bad wolf”

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?
The big bad wolf? The big bad wolf?
Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?
We are not afraid!

Who’s afraid to speak the truth?
To speak the truth? To speak the truth?
Who’s afraid to speak the truth?
We are not afraid!

Who’s afraid of showing love?—-
Who’s afraid of doing good ?—
Who’s afraid of being kind? —

Silent sitting
  • I will always speak truth. I will never ever tell a lie. Please God help me to keep this promise that I will never ever tell a lie.