Period 11 – Mother is your first guru

Period 11 – Mother is your first guru
Kokila vrat

Gandhi’s mother Putlibai observed everyday a vow known as ‘Kokila Vratha’. As soon as she completed the ritual, she would wait for the call of the Kokila (the Indian Cuckoo) before her breakfast. She would not touch food until the Cuckoo sang in his sweet voice. One day, she kept waiting for a long time, for the fortune bird to give her the permission to eat food. She calmly waited near the window looking for some signs of the cuckoo bird, but alas she found none. Little Gandhi noticed his distressed mother near the window. He quickly drafted a plan in his head and went out of the house to imitate the cooing of the cuckoo. He snuggled behind the bush and imitated the Cuckoo’s voice, and then ran inside the house to tell his mother, “Mother you can eat your food now as it has made its call.” Gandhi’s mother had been following this ritual for past many years. She quickly came to know about her child’s silly prank. Unable to contain her grief, she slapped Gandhi and wailed, “What sin have I committed that such a wicked liar should be born to me! Oh Lord!” Her misty eyes and broken heart of belief deeply moved Gandhi. That day he made a promise to her, “From this day, I will not utter falsehood. I will not do anything that would hurt my mother’s gentle heart”. Thus began his saga of truth.

Mother says -When you say any action with the word mother says then the action should be performed. If mother says is not said then the action must not be performed.

Eg – Mother says stand up (action should be done) Sit down (children should not sit) Mother says brush your teeth (action should be done)