Period 10 – Parents are our Living God

Period 10 – Parents are our Living God

Story of Shravan kumar

Thousands of years ago there lived in our country, Bharat a boy named Shravan Kumar. As his parents were old and had lost their eye-sight, Shravan Kumar used to carry them in baskets hanging from a pole, which he carried across his shoulders. For years he served them with love and devotion. The parents too loved their son.

Story of Pundalika

Hundreds of years ago, in Maharashtra, there lived a boy named Pundalika. He too served his parents with great devotion.

Every night Pundalika would press his father’s legs. One night, pleased with his service to his father, God appeared in the room to bless him. At that time Pundalika was pressing his father’s feet. He did not want to disturb his father who was just about to fall asleep. So without stopping his service, he pushed a brick towards god and said, “Lord! Please wait here till my father falls asleep.”

Lord Panduranga stood on the brick and waited. At last Pundalika finished. He came and prostrated to Lord Vithoba. Lord Vithala blessed him and told him to ask for any boon he wanted.

Pundalika prayed, “Lord, please stand here and grant Your Divine Darshan to others also in the same way as you have blessed me .”

Silent Sitting
  • I will always be neat and tidy. I will brush twice a day, take bath daily and pray daily to God to make me a good child.