Period 17 – Hurt never

Period 17 – Hurt never
The green fluorescent insect

Aditya returned home happily after coloured Harsh uncle‘s scooter who was their neighbour with cowdung. Within 5 to 10 minutes harsh came to Aditya’s house and angrily said to Aditya’s father, “Look what your son has done. He has put cowdung all over my scooter.” Aditya’s father felt ashamed, he asked Aditya to clean up the scooter. He made Aditya carry a bucket of water, a cloth and made him clean the scooter. He asked Aditya to apologise to Harsh uncle. But this was not the first time that such incident took place. Once he tied a tin can in the tail of Vijaya aunty’s cat, and as the cat started running the noise it made was so loud that the cat ran faster. He stole the mangoes from Damle uncle’s garden. He enjoyed playing such pranks. If he was asked to keep quiet he got bored. His parents did not know how to deal with him because no amount of punishment or scolding brought any changes in him.

Once as Aditya went out to play in the garden, he saw a fluorescent green insect. He caught the insect and kept it in a match box. He showed it to all his friends very proudly. That night he stuck chewing gum on his sister’s hair and enjoyed his prank. When he reached his room to sleep, he found the room was filled with a green fluorescent colour and there was humming sound in the room. His head started aching with the sound. He closed his ears with the pillow. Someone took the pillow away from him. He saw a huge fluorescent green insect in front of him. It had round black huge eyes. The legs of the insect were very long. Aditya was a very brave child but looking at the gigantic insect he was speechless. The insect lifted him and took him to the road and dipped him in muddy water. The insect lifted him out of the water and told him, “Now I shall tie tin cans all over your body and you go to school with those tins tied round you. As you walk or run it will make lot of noise.” Aditya wiped the mud from his eyes and started crying. He said to the insect, “Please forgive me. I will never play pranks again.” The insect disappeared. As soon as he got up in the morning he opened the match box. He said to the insect “Sorry my dear friend. Please forgive me for capturing you. “He took the insect out in the garden and put it down in the grass.


न सुन सुन सुन बुरा न देख देख देख बुरा न बोल बोल बोल बुरा
न सुन बुरा देख बुरा बोल बुरा
कान्फुसी सुननेमेंहैबड़ा मज़ा आता
कोई भी रंगीन हो किस्सा दिल को हैभाता
अपना क्या जाता ?
बुरी बात सुननेका होता बुरा सदा अंजाम सुननेमेंअमतृ हैलेकिन हैवो ज़हर का जामहैवो ज़हर का जामइसी लिए मैंकहता हूँकेसुनलो मेरी बात
न सुन सुन सुन बुरा न एख देख देख बुरा न बोल बोल बोलबुरा
न सुन बुरा देख बुरा बोल बुरा

प्यार सेसबको देखो येसमझातेरहतेह
फिर भी न सुननेपर देखो क्या क्या होता ह
बुरी नज़र सेरावण नेजब सीता को देखा
एक घडी मेंख़ाक हो गयी सोनेकी लंका
सोनेकी लंका
और इसी लिए मैंकहता हूँकेसुनलो मेरेयार
न सुन सुन सुन बुरा न एख देख देख बुरा न बोल बोल बोल बुरा
न सुन बुरा देख बुरा बोल बुरा