Period 13 – Politeness

Period 13 – Politeness

 What is politeness? Politeness is being well-mannered in speech and action towards all, especially elders.

Who is a polite child? A polite child says everything in a pleasing manner and is cheerful and helpful. Politeness in action is being considerate towards others, being helpful, doing things in a pleasing manner. A polite child has fun like all children, but never shouts or gets upset over little things. 

Why should you be polite? Do to others as you want them to do to you. Would you like someone to be rude to you? No. It is the same others for others too. Never shout at anyone. Words once spoken can never be taken back.

Remember the words “Please”, “Thank you” and “Sorry”. They are magic words that will help you in any situation.

Story – Words reveal the breeding of the speaker

Once a blind farmer was harvesting and working hard in the field.

Being blind, he did not realize someone approaching him. Suddenly, he was jolted by a loud and rude voice,“ Hey, you clout! Did you hear soldiers march this way?”

He replied,” No soldier, my harvesting machine makes too much noise.”

A second man walked by, “Blind man, open your mouth! Tell me if soldiers marched by” he said.

Without even looking up the farmer replied politely,” No captain, I concentrate on my work”.

Soon after that he heard another voice. “Sir did you hear some soldiers marching along the path?”

By the tone of the voice and words, the farmer could identify the person. “Sorry minister. Sir, my mind is on my work,” he replied.

At last, another person came near, placed his hand upon his shoulder, spoke gently and with authority.” My dear man, please tell me; did you hear soldiers march by?

Words reveal one’s upbringing. The blind man could identify the king. He said, “No, your Royal Highness. I didn’t hear marching men at all.

The tongue is the index of true breeding. Words reveal your upbringing, your character. Be careful with what you say

Two little magic words

There are two little magic words
That can open any door with ease
One little word is “thanks”
And the other little word is “Please”
Oh you’ll be surprised
What these two little words can do
They work like a charm for me
And they work like a charm for you
Now when you ask for butter
Say, “Please pass the butter.”
Good manners are never out of time.
And when you get the butter
The next thing you ought to
Say, “Thanks”, with a great big sunny smile. (there ..)
A lot of folks forget
To remember to be polite
They don’t realise how good
They would feel if only they did what’s right.
No matter what you ask for,
You get what you ask for
By showing good manners from the start.
Say, “Please” when you ask it
Say, “Thanks” when you get it
And say it from the bottom of your heart. (there …)