Period 1 – God and Creation

Period 1 – God and Creation
Sloka – Omkaram Bindu
The Truth About God – God is all pervading (can be done as activity)

Once the great sage UDDALAKA Aruni wanted to teach the knowledge of the Brahman to his son Shvetaketu. He thought of a simple device. He pointed out a big banyan tree nearby and asked his son to bring a ripe fruit from that tree. When he brought the small red berry-like fruit, he told his son, “Split it into two, dear child.”

“Here you are, I have split it into two.”

“What do you find there?

“Innumerable tiny seeds of course, and what else can these be?”

“Well, take one of those tiny seeds and split it again.”

“Yes, here it is, I have split a seed.”

“What do you find there?”

“Why, nothing at all.”

“Oh, dear child! This big tree cannot come out of nothing. Only you cannot see that subtle nothing in the seed from which springs forth this mighty tree. This is the power that is the spirit unseen which pervades everywhere and in everything. Have faith. It is that spirit which is at the root of all existence, that thou art O Shvetaketu.”

“This is something very baffling, father. But how on earth can I realize it, even if I merely know it?”

Uddalaka said,” Just do one thing. Take a few crystals of salt and put them into a bowl of water while you go to sleep and bring it on to me in the morning.”

The obedient son did as he was told and on the next morning, took the bowl to his father.

The father said,” Dear son, take out the salt please.”

Shvetaketu felt exasperated and said,” Father, What do you mean? How is it possible to take out that salt?”

“All right, then just taste the water on the surface. How does it taste?”

“It is saltish and is bound to be so.”

“Take the water from the middle and bottom of the bowl and tell me how it taste.”

“Well that too is saltish and is bound to be so.”

“My dear child, do understand now that the Spirit I spoke of, pervades all existence like the salt in this water in the bowl. This is the subtle spirit.”

“That thou art, dear Shvetaketu!”

“Dear father, how to go about all this? It looks so simple and yet is so very difficult.”

Uddalaka said. “Now I shall tell you how to go about trying to realize the spirit. Suppose we blindfold a man and lead him into an unknown forest away from his usual residence, what would he do? How would he try to find his home? As soon as he is left to himself, he would just remove the cover from his eyes.

Then he would wander about enquiring for the region from which he was taken away. He would go from village to village and ultimately he would come across someone who would lead him in the right direction. Thus he would reach his home. That is the way to find out the spiritual home from which we have all strayed into the wilderness. The Spirit is the one reality towards which we all have to direct our steps.