Period 8 – Trees

Period 8 – Trees
Can be taken as experiential learning

Let us consider the parts of tree – the trunk, leaves, branches, buds, flowers and fruits.
Different ways in which tree helps us

  • Trees give us oxygen to breathe
  • Trees cool the areas around us
  • We get fruits, flowers and wood from trees
  • Trees give us shade
  • Trees provide homes for animals
  • Trees bring more rain

Each part of a tree is precious

  • Roots keep the soil fertile, retain water in the soil, are used for making medicines
  • Leaves give us oxygen we breathe, serve as food for cattle, make the soil rich after they fall to the ground, are used to make medicines
  • Flowers have nectar which is food for birds and insects, are useful in making medicines, perfumes and colours
  • Fruits provide food for people and animals and birds
  • Bark is used to make medicines, is used to make paintings
  • Twigs and branches are used as firewood
  • Remember Tree is just one part of nature.
  • How do we harm trees? Yet it always returns only kindness to us. If someone threw a stone at a tree, it gives you back fruit or flower or leaves.
  • Even though we chop it down cruelly, it gives us wood.
  • When a single tree is cut down many insects, birds and little animals become homeless. Also all the uses of that tree is lost to us.
  • When whole forests are cut down there will be fewer trees which means less rain and more heat. A green world will become brown world. A cool world will become a hot world. The water in the rivers and lakes will decrease and they will become dry.
  • What can you do? You must do something to save the earth. The world needs more trees. You can plant a sapling. If each child plants a sapling then there will be hundreds of trees more to make up for all the trees that Nature has lost.
  • Appreciate God’s creation – Chits of paper with names of various things created by God. Each child pick out a chit. It can be river, Tree, mountain, sun, cow, dog etc. Then child should think and say one reason why God created that object.