Period 45 – Gratitude

Period 45 – Gratitude

Your parents, teachers, elders as well as your friends do many things for you. at times, they do things to please you and make you happy. More often than not, they go through a lot of trouble trying to make you comfortable.

We should thank people for the favours they do for us. We should be grateful to them. Thanking others is a way of showing our gratitude. People who do not feel thankful for an act of favour or kindness are called ungrateful.

Be Thankful For Everything

Once Veena bought a pen for her friend Neha’s birthday. And she had taken great pain to select a lovely blue fountain pen with smooth nib for Neha. She had got Neha’s name inscribed on the pen. It had taken Veena two hours to find a pen that she thought Neha would like. Then she bought a pretty yellow wrapping paper to wrap the gift. She also purchased a birthday card and wrote loving birthday greeting to Neha in it. Veena was sure that Neha would like her present very much.

Veena gave the gift to Neha on her birthday. Neha opened the present and said, “Oh, I have already got two pens, Veena”. She put Veena’s gift away and dragged Veena to the garden to play some games. Neha did not even bother to thank Veena or say a few kind words to her. Veena was hurt and disappointed. She had spent all her pocket money to buy the present for Neha

Discussion :

Don’t you think it was wrong of Neha not to say “Thank You” to her friend for the presents she gave her? Even if she already had two fountain pens, Neha should have thanked Veena . Neha should have thought of all the trouble Veena must have taken over her present. Neha should have also thought of the money Veena must have spent on her. We must be thankful to others for what they give us or do for us. Have you ever wondered how many things God has given you?

Thank you God for the world so sweet
Thank you God for the food we eat
Thank you God for the birds that sing
Thank you God for everything.

Remember that God would like you to thank Him for all that he has given you. You can thank him in your daily prayers. You should not take for granted the things that God has given you. God will be pleased if remember to thank Him every day. You must consider yourself fortunate to be able to enjoy the benefits of a good family, home, health and fun of life. Children who can laugh and have fun are so happy. Think of some poor unhappy children who are deaf or dumb or who are sick and lonely. If you do so you will realise how much there is to thank God for. We must also thank God before we sit down to eat our meals.

All of you have a lot to be grateful for. You must try to do things which show how thankful you are. Try and return this favour or kindness done to you by doing something for the other person also.

If you were in place of Neha what would you have done?

Would it not have been nice if Neha had kissed her friend and given her the best piece of cake to show her how much she had liked her present.


If you have a kind word to say, say it now
If you’ve something to give, give it now
If you can make someone glad, or another less sad
Do it now, Do it now, Do it now.