Period 4 – God is one

Period 4 – God is one

Different names of God is just like Father is called as ‘Baba’, ‘Bapu’, ‘Acchan’, ‘Appa’, and ‘Daddy’ in different languages, God is called as ‘Iswar’ by Hindus, ‘Allah’ by Muslims, ‘Almighty God’ by Christians, ‘ Ahura Mazda’ by Zorastrians and ‘Jehova’ by the Jews. All these are different names of the one Divine Father of the Universe.

We do not have many Gods. We have many forms of the One Lord, so that each of us can choose a form that we like to worship, even while loving and respecting all other forms.

Different religions in the world are pathways to the same God

So any form is sacred, be it the Om in Hinduism, the Cross in Christianity, the Crescent in Islam, The Wheel in Buddhism or any other religious symbol.

We do not love the form or the sign. We love the Lord which the form or sign stands for. We do not worship the idol. We worship the ideal in the idol.

Use of Hands in prayer in different religion

God’s names

One student or group of students are asked to select different names of God for themselves. Eg Rama,Krishna, Allah, Jesus, Buddha and so on. The first group say Rama starts the game.

They will say,
Rama , Rama (all students will clap twice)
Rama , Krishna
Now the Krishna group says
Krishna, Krishna (clap , clap)
Krishna , Allah
Then the Allah group takes over and so on

Silent Sitting
  • Describe the qualities of GOD