Period 38 – Discrimination

Period 38 – Discrimination
The Wish-Fulfilling Tree

Once a man was travelling in a desert area. He had been walking for a long time in the hot sun and could not get any water to drink. Exhausted and tired, he looked around for a shelter to rest for some time. Lo! In front of him within fifty yards was a beautiful tree with huge branches giving wide shade. The traveller got new energy on seeing it and ran towards it for shelter. He reached it with a sigh of relief and sat down under its shade.

After a time, when he had rested a little, it came into his mind how wonderful it would be if he could have a glass of water. He did not know that the tree under which he was resting was a kalpavriksha, a wish-fulfilling tree. As he wished for water, a glass full of crystal clear water appeared in front of him. He was surprised at its appearance, but eagerly drank the water. With that need satisfied, he soon wished that he had some food to eat. The moment he thought of it, enough food appeared on a plate to satisfy his hunger.

Then he felt sleepy and thought how nice it would be to have a cot and mattress to sleep on. The cot and the mattress appeared and he lay down comfortably. After the long walk in the desert he was very tired. Yawning, he thought how wonderful it would be to have someone pressing his tired legs. Immediately, he saw a young person sitting by his bedside pressing his legs.

It occurred to him that every wish of his was getting fulfilled and he wondered whether all this was real or not. He thought what if a tiger were to appear here and eat me up. The moment he thought this, a tiger appeared and pounced on him and ate him up.

Poor man, not knowing that he was sitting under a wish-fulfilling tree, he had a wrong thought and was destroyed by it.

The Lord fulfils even the least of our wishes.

Not knowing it, when we wish for evil things or think wrong thoughts, they too get fulfilled and we are ultimately destroyed by our own wicked thoughts and wishes.

Attitude test
  • If you are going to the beach and the weather looks rainy, Would you:
    a) Go anyway and hope the sun comes out OR
    b) Feel sad for yourself and stay at home
  • If it rains on your holiday, would you
    a) Mope around the house because you can’t go outside OR
    b) Invite a friend in to read or play a board game
  • If your mother tells you to stay at home and clean your room would you
    a) Do it quickly and gladly so you could go out to play
    b) Sit on your bed and keep complaining and crying
  • If you were offered ice-cream in chocolate and vanilla flavours and you disliked both would you
    a) Refuse both angrily
    b) Accept one of the flavours and enjoy the ice cream
  • You are watching your favourite program on the television. Your friend comes and asks you to go out with him and play. What would you do?
    a) Refuse saying that you are watching the television
    b) Ask him to wait till the program gets over
    c) Switch off the set and happily go to play
  • Your father has go a big box of chocolates. And has asked you to share it with
    your brother / sister who are not at home. Would you …..
    a) Hide the box and eat all the chocolates
    b) Eat as much as you can before the others come back
    c) Wait until they come and share it equally