Period 27 – Unity

Period 27 – Unity
The Fighting Fingers

Once there was a quarrel among the five fingers of the hand. Each one exclaimed that it was the greatest and it was the important one. The little finger said, “I am the most important one though I am the smallest one. When anyone has to do Namaskar, I volunteer to stand first and while counting also I am the first.”

The ring finger said,” I am the greatest because from the king to an ordinary man adorn me with a ring studded with precious gems and hence I am called as the ring finger.” The middle finger said, “I am the tallest and I have the honour of having two fingers on either side as body guards to a Governor.”

The fore finger (index finger) said, “I am the ultimate authority while evaluating persons as good and bad.” At last the thumb said with a smile, “Oh! What are you all boasting about? You cannot do anything without my support.”

All the fingers realised that all are important and hence all have to work together in unity as “unity is strength”.

  • Thumb – For the people who are very near and dear to us – family & friends
  • Index finger – Those who give direction to the world – like teachers, gurus, acharyas. Scientists, doctors etc
  • Middle finger – Leaders of the world
  • Ring finger – Weaker section of society
  • Small finger – for ourselves
  • The prayer for self should be last and small.