Period 2 – Where is God?

Period 2 – Where is God?

God is present in each and every atom of universe. Explain sugar water experiment.
What has God created in this Universe for us?

God is real

Once upon a time, there lived a king who did not believe in God. He believed that people had faith in God because their parents trained them from a very young age to be that way. He often said that if a child was never told about God, the child would never think or believe in God. The king said this because he felt that God was not real and that He was just the imagination of the people.

After few years, a son was born to king. The queen died of an illness leaving the little boy to the king. The king shut the child up in a tower because he did not want the child to ever hear about God. He gave the child all the comforts. Maids and tutors took care of him and taught him everything. All of them had been warned never to mention God to the boy. The maids and tutors were faithful to the king and brought him up and taught him everything befitting a prince, but they never once mentioned God to him.

One day, when the king came to visit his son as usual, he was surprised to see the boy looking out of the window with his head bowed. When the king asked his son what he was doing, the young boy said, “Father, I am bowing to the creator.”

The king shouted for all the maids and tutors. When he questioned them, he knew from their answers that were loyal to him and had never told the boy about God.

Amazed, he asked his son, “Which creator? What creator? Who told you?” The young boy replied, “Nobody told me. Why should anyone tell me? I can see the beautiful world from my window – the mountains, the sky, the green plains, the trees, the flowers, the rivers, birds and animals. Someone must have created all this. He must be so great to be able to create such a beauty, that I am bowing to Him in love.”

The King slowly walked back, a defeated man. He had understood from his son that God is real.

Since God is everywhere, it also means that He is in every part of the world. He is in every flower and plant; He is in every drop of water; He is in music; He is in every being. He is in everything large and tiny.

This is why, in our culture everything is treated with respect. Everything is worshipped – the trees, the rivers, the mountains, the sun, the moon and the planets, birds and animals. It is not that we have many Gods, it is that we see God in everything.

My God is so great

My God is so great, so strong & so mighty
There is nothing my God cannot do………….
The mountains are his, the rivers are his
The stars are his handicraft too (My God …).
He fashioned the trees, the wind and the seas
And painted the sky royal blue (My God is so ….)
He made us with love,
Sent straight from above.
And filled us with his wisdom too
My God is so great, so strong & so mighty
There is nothing my God cannot do…………. (3)

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