Period 18 – Help and Be Happy

Period 18 – Help and Be Happy
Thirsting for Love

Raju and Rohan were playing in the veranda of their sea side residence. Suddenly Raju spotted a little dove, drinking water from the fountain in the backyard. The poor little bird seemed very parched, but it did not evoke any sympathy in the naughty little siblings. Instead of letting the bird quench its thirst, Rohan and Raju ran to the backyard to shoo it away. The sound of stomping feet scared the little bird and it flew away.Their grandmother who was observing all this, shook her head in disappointment.

All afternoon, both the boys played in the summer heat, shouting their lungs out. They stood at their doorstep, exhausted and urgently demanded a glass of cold water. But instead of taking them inside the house, Dadi took them out in the backyard.

“We are tired dadi, and wish to play no more,” cried Rohan.

“Yes, Dadi, we are thirsty. Please give us water,” begged Raju.

“Will you please explain your cruel behaviour towards the little bird in the morning? What wrong had he done to you?” Dadi demanded.

The brothers giggled recollecting their mischief. Before Dadi could speak further, they were already ready with their answers. Raju was the first to speak up.

“Dadi, he was drinking from our fountain. Don’t you always say, that one shouldn’t snatch from another’s plate?”

“Yes, Dadi. He is right. We saved the water by shooing the bird away, stated Rohan.

Dadi could see , how proud both her boys were. She decided to clear all their misconceptions. “Oh! How smart of you to save water, my bacchus!”, Dadi smiled. “I think I should learn that from the two of you. You boys shall not have water till it’s time for dinner. In this way I’m sure a lot of water will be saved.”

The two little brothers were shocked by the wit of their Dadi. They never expected her to win over their defence. Neither Raju nor Rohan could get themselves out of Dadi’s trap. Two hours passed by, when the boys finally decided to drop their ego and go back to Dadi.

“Dadi, you are being unfair,” Rohan complained.

“And why do you think that my dear!” There was a smile in her voice.

“You are depriving us of water, even when you have plenty of it!” cried Raju.

“Isn’t this the same way you treated the poor dove?” Dadi questioned.

Booth the boys lowered their gaze in shame. They realised how parched dove might have felt. They looked at each other and then said in unison, “We are sorry Dadi”.

“I hope you got the message,” Dadi ended on a firm note.

Both the boys nodded eagerly, in agreement.

Dadi smiled at her triumph and gave the boys their glasses of water. Since, that day, Raju and Rohan showed kindness towards animals and birds. Now, every summer, they place a big bowl of water in their veranda for little birds, who need water during their flight.

Laugh a little Sing a little

Laugh a little Sing a little
As you go your way!
Work a little Play a little
Do this every day!

Give a little take a little.
Never mind a frown
Make a smile a welcome thing
All around the town!

Laugh a little, love a little
Skies are always blue!
Every cloud has silver linings,
But it’s up to you!