Period 16 – Kindness

Period 16 – Kindness

How can you be kind at home? Being respectful and helpful to your parents and elders, loving to your brothers and sisters,

You can be kind at school by being obedient, helpful and attentive to your teachers, by being friendly with your classmates.

You can be kind to animals and plants in many ways like petting and feeding animals, planting saplings and watering plants, making a bird bath and table to feed birds.

The Prophet’s love

Every morning a spiteful woman used to throw garbage from her house on Prophet Mohammed as he passed by. The Prophet would go by without any reaction. She did this for many days.

One day, as he went past, the garbage did not come down on him as it usually did. He was worried about this. He went into the house from where the rubbish used to be thrown at him. He found a woman lying alone. She was very ill. He fetched a doctor at once. He helped her sit up and receive the doctor’s treatment. She bowed to him and wept, begging for forgiveness. His kindness to her in return for her daily insults changed her completely. This is the power of kindness. It can make a person your best friend.