Period 11 – Love extends to school

Period 11 – Love extends to school

School can be a fun-filled place. Be a good student – how can you be a good student? Your teachers work hard. They spend time with you. They help you to learn and grow up to be a fine person. Behave well in class. Listen to what teacher say. Obey them. It will make them happy. That is how you show your love to your teachers. Being a good student is not just getting good marks. No! It means dong your best in everything in school. To be a good student you also have to….

Come to school on time
Do your homework
Wear a neat and clean uniform

Be a good friend and make your schoolmates happy

Always be cheerful. When you are full of fun and cheer, you make your classmates happy too. When you look at each other smile. Never quarrel or fight over little things. Don’t hit each other or get angry. Ask your teacher for help. Whenever you feel angry with a friend tell yourself, “we love one another”. Can you be angry with someone you love? Now look at one another and say, “we love one another”. Feel happy when your friends do well in something. If there is a running race, everyone cannot win. You will win in something else. So when your friends win, you must clap and cheer. Being with friends make everyone happy. A good way to show your love to your friends is to help each other. If your friend is doing some-thing wrong you must correct him. Remember you can do more together than when you are alone.

The True Fiends

Once there were two friends – a squirrel and a puppy. They used to live and play together. The squirrel was very sporty and always won the game. The puppy used to feel bad and thought that it was of no use.One day, it started raining heavily. The squirrel was in high spirits. He started doing antics but suddenly, lost his balance and fell in the rain water. He called his friend, the puppy for help. The puppy came to his rescue. The squirrel climbed on its back and reached a safe place. He thanked his friend for saving his life.

  • Draw a flower with petals love, help, peace, share,give,care,truth,smile.