Makar Sankaranti

Makar Sankaranti
Makar Sankaranti

Makar Sankaranti is the day when the glorious Sun God begins into the Northern Hemisphere. Sun stands for spiritual knowledge and wisdom. Makar Sankaranti. It is a harvest festival. This festival is celebrated differently in different parts of India.

In Uttar Pradesh this festival is called “KHICHIRI’. Taking a dip in the holy rivers on this day is regarded as most auspicious. A big one month long “Magha – Mela’ fair begins at Prayag(Allahabad) on this occasion.

In Bengal every year a big mela is held at Ganga Sagar. This mela is attended by a large number of pilgrims from all over the country.

In Tamil Nadu Sankarant is known by the name ‘PONGAL’. It is very popular amongst the farmers. Sankarant is a worship of Sun God.

In Andhra Pradesh it is celebrated as a three day harvest festival “PONGAL’.

In Maharashtra on Sankaranti day people exchange tilgud, til laddus. While exchanging tilguls as token of goodwill people greet each other and ask each other to forget the past ill-feelings and resolve to speak sweetly and remain friends.

In Gujarat Sankarant is celebrated more or less as in Maharashtra but the difference is there is a custom of giving gifts to relatives. Kite flying has been associated with this festival and has become an international event.

In Punjag it is celebrated as ‘LOHARI’.

The 40 days anushthana by the devotees of Ayyappa ends on this day in Sabarimala in a big way.

In Bundelkhand and Madhya Pradesh this festival is known as ‘ SAKARAT’ and is celebrated with great pomp and merriment.

Tribals of Orissa start their new year from this day.

Activity – Sun’s importance and what we learn from Sun. Making Kite.


Take a lesson from the Sun who shines his light on every one Or the rain that falls on every single shore No distinction of our race or the colour of our face Nature’s gifts are there for all men rich or poor. Love all, Serve all, Understand that Love and Peace is what we need. Love all, Serve all in every thought, word and deed. Bear all and do nothing, hear all and say nothing Give all and take nothing in return Love is giving and forgiving, self is getting and forgetting Love all in the spirit of True Love, Love all, Serve all, Understand. (Live in Love, Love is the solvent of hardest of hard. Love can confer peace, joy and wisdom Cultivate love, express love Let love be your breathe. Love can make gather the affection of all mankind. The bliss that you give, the love that you shareALONE will be everlasting possession. Love those in tears. No untruth, no anxiety, no grief. Soak every moment in Love. Spread love..