Bal Vikas Convocation- Prashanti Nilayam 4th January 2015

blogitp37 I offer my most loving and humble pranams at the Lotus Feet of our Divine Sadguru, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Respected Elders, Brothers and Sisters, Bal Vikas Gurus and dear Bal Vikas Alumni, Graduands and children.

It is most appropriate that we begin the 90th Year of the advent of the Sai Avatar with a Bal Vikas Function, since Bal Vikas was very close to the Lord’s Heart. He always felt that for Loka Vikas, you have to start from Bal Vikas. This is the reason when he formed the Mahila Vibhag, he first asked them to concentrate on the children, for they are the foundation of Society.

To the Sai Organisation, the Bal Vikas Wing is of primary importance, for they are the “raw material” for the growth of the Organisation. It has also been the most successful of the Wings of the Organisation. The credit for this achievement is without doubt due to the dedication and devotion of the Gurus, for they have without any fanfare carried this aspect of the Divine Mission forward. The Sai Organisation owes a deep debt of gratitude to them for their selfless seva.

In recognition of this, I am happy to announce that every year we will observe a “Bal Vikas Day” at Prashanti Nilayam. The Convocation and connected functions will all become part of this Day.

We will also observe a “Seva Dal” Day and also a “Spiritual Sadhana Day” .

It is appropriate that we recall on this occasion the dedicated seva of the pioneers of Bal Vikas: Prof. Gokak, Sister Shanta Diwakar, Mani Amma and Sarala Shah. They have laid a strong foundation for this Mission, which stands it in good stead to face the challenges of a turbulent world.

Today, at this unique Convocation, we celebrate and felicitate the results of their endeavours: 3654 students from all over India who are graduating after successfully completing the 9 year programme. Let us applaud these dedicated and fortunate children, blessed indeed are they by Sai Himself.

Dear Bal Vikas Alumni, Graduates and Students. Understand that the Bal Vikas Programme is a “kavacham’ that protects you from the tempestuous ways of today’s world. The Sun God gave a kavacham to Karna to protect him on the battle field. Sai gives this kavacham not just to one, but to all His Students to protect them in the battle which rages every day on the Kurukshetra of Modern Life. Treasure it, revere it and be always grateful with absolute humility to our beneficent Lord.

You owe a deep debt of gratitude to Him which can never be repaid, except through the dedicated observance of all His Teachings which your Gurus have taught you. You are the future of the Sai Organisation:never forget that. Make Love your dharma and immerse yourself in loving seva to Humanity.

Start with Seva to your parents. You have been transformed by Bal Vikas. Now through your love and humility, begin the process of transformation of your parents and your brothers and sisters, your neighbours and friends. This can be done not by preaching but only by your actions and your behavior.

Do not say that you have no time for service. This is not true because we make time for so many mundane activities. Your studies, your career will all be enriched by putting into practice all that you have learned in Bal Vikas and being in Sai Organisation.

Today the Sai Organisation itself stands on the threshold of great growth and development. It realizes that it has to change, that it has to become far more dynamic, more involved in Society. It realizes that it has to keep up with the times and use Technology to improve its usefulness to Society and Mankind. The 90th Birthday is not only a time for new activities and expansion but to chart out a road map towards the 100th Birthday.

The Diplomas that you have been given today are not just pieces of paper. They are the signs of recognition that Sathya Sai Education has qualified you for Live, not just for living as the other Diplomas and Degrees do. However, the real Diploma will be given to you by Bhagavan when you practice in your lives all that you have learnt in the Bal Vikas.

You have to make this change: you have to be this change. We elders realize that we need you. Do not disappoint us, and much more important, do not disappoint Sai who has showered His Love on you. You should prepare the blueprint of how the elders and the young can work together to take forward the Divine Mission into the challenging environs of the 21stCentury. Fortunately, you have persons at the helm of the Sai Organisation today and tomorrow who will support you fully in all your ideas. Do not let go this opportunity to do your duty and fulfil what Sai expects from you.

Sai always wanted all of us to work together, hand in hand and with Love in our hearts. May He bless you with all happiness and contentment and fulfil all your dreams for the World.

Jai Sai Ram