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    Tamil Nadu Balvikas has come up with a cluster of interesting activities for the upcoming Krishna Jhanmashtami Festival. For the benefit of all, these are available in English, Hindi and Tamil!
    We have a write-up that throws light on the different ways the festival is celebrated across India, the importance and significance of Bhagawad Gita, stories, best-out-of-waste crafts, colorful Rangolis, colouring sheets and understanding Bhajans and more!
    This Krishna Jhanmashtami, let’s welcome Krishna into our homes and heart by getting involved in the above activities!

    Priya Suresh

    Biodata of Lord Krishna!~Pfa the Biodata of Lord krishna


    Priya Suresh

    Bio Data—Lord Krishna!~Aum Sri Sairam

    Name: Krishna
    Mother’s Name: Devaki
    Father’s Name: Vasudev
    Sibling’sname:Balram &Subadra
    Foster Mother :Yashoda
    Foster Father. :Nand
    Birthplace : Mathura
    Dob:Badrapad krishnapaksh ashtami
    Star :Rohini
    Email Id: Radheradhe@ Gmail.Com
    Contact Address : Bhaktas’hearts
    Complexion :Dark
    Identf.Marks:Curly Hair,Captivating
    Languages Known: Lang.Of The Heart
    Profession : Cowherd
    Edu.Instn:Guru Sandeepani’s Gurukul
    Ednl Qualfn:M.A(64 Arts)
    Hobbies : Chitchor&Maakanchor
    Otherproficiencies : Murlivadan,Raskrida
    Height:Normal To Vishwaroop ,As
    Situation Demands
    Weight : A Tulsi Leaf Soaked In Bakti
    Friends: Gopis ,Sudama ,Arjun ,Udhav
    Devotees:Mira ,Surdas ,Jayadev
    Wives’ Name: Rukmini &Satyabama
    Son’s Name :Pradyumna
    Sports: :Weightlifting&Wrestling
    Accreditation :Gitacharya
    Title Won: Giridar,The Mtn.Man Of Yesteryears
    Championed :Yamuna Bachao Andolan
    Composition:Bhagawad Gita
    Traits :Bhaktavatsal &Dharma Poshaka
    Believer In:Dharma Samstapanartaya
    Sambavaami Yuge Yuge


    Preethi J

    Very nice.



    Thank you for sharing your idea. We will take it for approval process


    Priya Suresh

    Sairam. This s by one of our senior Guru Smt Nalini Padmanabhan from Delhi NCR. Who is the author of book Bhajan Antakshari.

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