Bread pudding coated with caramel sauce is a very simple and delicious dessert.Let us see how to make this interesting pudding recipe.


Caramelize sugar

Caramelized sugar

Cut the edges of bread

Add the bread pieces to the blender

Powdered bread

Add custard powder and sugar in a separate vessel

Add milk and mix well

Add ghee and cook it in a low flame

Mix well

Switch off the flame and add bread crumbs

Transfer the mix to the caramel

Cover it with the foil

Make holes on the foil

Place it in the steamer and cook

Transfer the pudding to the plate




Eggless Caramel Bread Pudding

Prep Time: 10mins
Cook Time: 50 mins


  • Milk bread - 5 slices.
  • Sugar - 1 cup + 4tbsp
  • Milk - 1 1/2 cup
  • Custard powder - 3tbsp
  • Milk powder - 2tbsp
  • Ghee - 1tbsp


  1. In a pan, add 4tbsp of sugar and 2tbsp of water for caramel sauce.
  2. Place the pan on the stove and keep stirring till the sugar syrup becomes light brown (Caramel sauce).Keep it aside.
  3. Cut the edges of the bread .
  4. Cut the bread into pieces and blend it to fine powder.
  5. Now in another pan, add sugar ,Custard powder ,Milk and mix well.
  6. Place the pan on a stove and cook till mixture turns to a batter consistency.
  7. At this stage add milk powder and ghee, mix well and cook for 2 minutes.
  8. Now switch off the flame and add bread crumbs and mix well.
  9. Now transfer the mix on the caramel sauce.
  10. Place it on a steamer and cook it for 25 - 30 minutes.
  11. After 30 minutes take out the pudding from steamer and place it in the refrigerator .
  12. Let it stay in the fridge for 1 -2 hours.
  13. Bread caramel pudding is ready to serve.


• You can use brown bread or any variety of bread for this pudding. • Instead of ghee ,unsalted butter can be used.


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