Beans and Dal are the main sources of protien in vegetarian or Saatwic cuisine. These dishes go very well with roti and rice dishes. The texture of the cooked beans or dal itself forms a very smooth delicious gravy.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba says “The nature of the fire will determine the type of smoke that comes out. The kind of smoke that comes out will determine the type of cloud that it forms. The type of cloud that it forms will determine the type of rain which the cloud yields. The type of rain determines the harvest. The kind of harvest determines the food that we get out of it. The kind of food we eat will determine our ideas. For all our ideas, it is our food that is responsible.” (Summer Showers at Brindavan 1977)


    Ingredients- cooked tur dal,tomatoes sliced, curry leaves, mustard, hing,cumin,red chillies, garlic,ginger Heat oil in a pan and Fry Garlic Add mustard, cumin, Chillies, hing and fry for 2 minutes Fry Curry Leaves and ginger Add Tomato and cook for 10 minutes ...

    Ingredients- Garlic, red chillies, curry leaves, hing, mustard, cumin seeds Ingredients- sliced palak (spinach) Heat oil and ghee in a pan and Fry Garlic Add red Chillies and fry Add mustard and Cumin seeds and fry Fry Hing, Curry Leaves Add Palak, ...

    Wash TurDal Add Water double the amount of dal Add 1 teaspoon Turmeric powder Pressure cook for 6 whistles Mash up and add Salt.  Cooked dal is ready. We can use it with rice as such or use for other dal recipes like sambhar, dal palak etc.