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As rama Navami is a summer month festival, the main naivedyam foods are panakam (sweet drink), neer moore (buttermilk)
and kosambari (cucumber-moong daal salad). We all know that Lord Rama was sent to the forest in exile for had 14 years. Since it was difficult to get drinking water during the hot summer, he used to go in search of rivers to quench his thirst. To symbolize this, panakam and neer moore (buttermilk) are served on Ram Navami day to quench one’s thirst during hot summers.


    Swami always says "Butter Milk is Better Milk". Butter milk  is both delicious and healthy.  It is a great way to cool off when the heat is unbearable. This drink helps to heal acidity, soothes the stomach after spicy meal, improves digestion, improves calcium intake, washes down fats, lowers ...

    A sweet drink with a wonderfully different taste. This is also served as “Prasad” during “ Rama Navami” festival celebrations.   Ingredients Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl till the jaggery dissolves completely, Squeeze Lemon. Sieve. Serve ...