ABC Juice( Miracle Drink )

ABC (Apple, beetroot,Carrot) juice, also called as Miracle drink is a very powerful and healthy juice recipe. This is packed with the power of two veggies and one fruit. This juice is very tasty and really does Miracle in our body.

Wash apples, beetroot and carrots. Peel beetroot and carrots.

Blend beets

Blend apples

Blends Carrot


ABC Juice (Miracle Juice )

Preparation Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 10 mins
Yields: 3 glasses


  • Apples ( chopped into cubes) - 2
  • Beetroot( chopped or grated) - 1
  • Carrots ( chopped or grated) - 6


  1. Peel and wash the Beetroot and carrots. Cut apples, Beetroot and carrots.
  2. In a juicer or blender, add carrots , beetroots, and apples and blend with little water.
  3. Filter the juice and grind the pulp again by adding little water. ( repeat the step twice)
  4. Tasty and healthy MIRACLE drink is ready.Serve it chilled . ( Note : If you are making with blender, grate or chop the carrots and beetrootsand Apple)
  5. VARIATIONS : Adjust the number of apples, beets and carrots according to your taste. Squeeze lemon before serving.


  1. Miracle drink, by the name itself it makes Miracle in our body.
  2. This juice is so nutritious only due to the presence of two veggies and one fruit, which is full of life saving anti oxidants.
  3. This was discovered by Chinese herbalists for treating lung cancer and several other diseases. It is not only to treat lung cancer but also to treat all types of cancer by restricting growth of cancer causing cells .
  4. Nourishing vitamins and minerals present in the juice helps in delay the aging process.
  5. It improves vision and strengthen eye muscles.
  6. Boosts the brain and sharpens the memory.
  7. Strengthen the internal organs.

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    Rajsha May 11, 2020 (1:54 am)

    Should it be taken on an empty stomach?

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