Meiporul Nayanar

Meiporul Nayanar was the King of Tirukkoyilur and was a staunch devotee of God Shiva. With the blessings of Lord Shiva, his kingdom flourished and prospered in every area including Shaivism and the Arts. He was brave, fought many battles and was always victorious.

Nayanar’s fame soon spread far and wide. This evoked the jealousy of Muthanathan, the king of the neighbouring state. He collected a big army and attacked Nayanar several times; but he was repeatedly defeated. So, Muthanathan plotted to kill Meiporul and one day came to his doorstep in the guise of a Shivanadiyar [Shiva Devotee]. He hid a dagger in a holy book and told Meiporul that he would like to read the holy book to him.

As soon as they were inside the Meiporul’s chambers Muthanathan stabbed the King who was touching his feet to seek blessings. As soon as the guards heard the cries of the King, they rushed into the chambers. They saw the ghastly sight and immediately rushed to kill Muthanathan. To their surprise, the bleeding King ordered them not to kill the man as he was in the guise of the Shivanadiyar. He further told them to set him free in the outskirts of their Kingdom.

Only after Meiporul received the news about Muthanathan’s safety, did he breathe his last. Lord Shiva was so moved with Meiporul’s devotion for Shivanadiyars that he liberated him.