Enadinatha Nayanar

Enadinathar was born in Eyinanur close to Nachiyar Koil. He was an expert in sword-fighting and tutored the princes of the Kingdom. He was a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva and treated the devotees of Shiva like the Lord Himself.

Atisuran, a rival fighter who was jealous of Enadinathar challenged Enadinathar by asking him to enter into a combat with him. Enadinathar defeated Atisuran and his men, in no time. Atisuran, who did not want to accept defeat decided to kill Enadinathar by using a stratagem and invited him for one more duel.

This time, Atisuran wore the sacred ash mark on his forehead (which was cleverly hidden by his shield) approached Enadinathar. Just when Enadinathar pounced on him, Atisuran removed his shield exposing the ash mark. When Enadinathar saw the ash mark, he realized that Atisuran was in the form of a Shiva Bhakta and it would be wrong to attack him. He accepted defeat and allowed Atisuran to attack him. Atisuran took the opportunity and slayed Enadinathar.

As Enadinathar fell to the ground, Shiva who was pleased with his sincere devotion, appeared before him and took him to Kailash, Shiva's divine abode.