Anaya Nayanar

Anaya Nayanar was a cowherd, born in Tirumangalam near Lalgudi in Trichy district. He was a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva and he expressed his devotion for His Lord by playing the Panchakshara Mantra on his flute. One day, when he was tending to his cows, he came upon a Konrai tree. To his eyes that were brimming with devotion, the tree looked like Lord Shiva adorned with Konrai flowers on his matted hair.

Totally mesmerized with the sight, he started playing his flute for days together. He played the flute so mellifluously that the flowing river stopped, the waves in the sea looked comforted, and the animals and birds as though hypnotized, stopped on their tracks to listen to the enchanting music!

The snakes and the peacocks, the lions and the elephants, the tigers and the deer shed their enmity and started to live in harmony! The people from the neighbouring villages and even the celestial beings - the Devas and the Gods themselves came to earth and stood transfixed listening to the divine music. Mother Nature, herself, with all her bounties, stood motionless.

The Lord was immensely pleased with Ayanar’s sincere devotion. The sweetness of the music filled the Lord’s heart with such joy that he came down to earth with his consort Uma and took ‘Anaya Nayanar’ with him to Mount Kailash.

The effect of any art surrendered at the Lotus feet of the Lord has a profound effect. It can make even enemies’ friends and give life to inanimate objects!