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Makara Sankramana marks the movement of Sun from the south to the north. The northward movement of the Sun is considered highly significant, both spiritually and scientifically. The significant inner spiritual meaning of the Sun’s northward journery must be properly understood.North is represented by Himachala (the Himalayas).Hima means snow. It is pure, untainted and extremley cool. Achala means that which is steady and unshakeable. Himachaladoes not refer to the physical himalayan region. It represents that which is cool, peaceful and steady. All these endows one with the quality of perfect peace (Prasanthi). From today the Sun is moving towards such a state. The Sun symbolizes the vision of man. The northward movement of the Sun is a call to human beings to turn their vision towards that which is cool, peaceful and unchanging. The lesson you must learn is that you should direct your vision inwards.

Divine Discourse Jan 14,1994




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