Ramayana Activities

Valmiki's Ant Hill - (Sand art Activity)

Values Inculcated:
  1. Perseverance and Dedication can bring about any change.
  2. One is responsible for his /her own actions.
Material Required:
  1. Papers
  2. Sand
  3. Glue
  4. Colour pencils
Preparatory effort:
  1. Distribute the sheets with the anthill picture.
  2. Apply some glue on the anthill.
  3. Sprinkle sand on the anthill to add some texture.
  4. Draw colour a few ants on the anthill and colour them.
  5. Stick the picture of Sage Valmiki on the top of the hill (as if emerging).
Leaf Invitation Activity (From King Janaka to Sage Vishwamitra)
Material Required:
  1. Big dry leaves
  2. Glue
Preparatory effort:
  1. Give the children big dry leaves & the printed invitation letter.
  2. Ask the children to stick the invitation letter on the leaves neatly.
Rama's Sandals - Art out of waste
Values inculcated:
  1. To live righteously
  2. Working as a team
Material Required:
  1. Cardboard from old notebooks.
  2. Pencil
  3. Colours
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue
  6. Decorating materials
Preparatory effort:
  1. Split children in pairs
  2. Tell them / Discuss the story of Bharata carrying back Lord Rama’s padukas.
  1. One child has to trace the partners feet on the hard cardboard sheet.
  2. Cut the cardboard according to the shape of the feet.
  3. Colour the padukas brown.
  4. Decorate the padukas.
Leap to Lanka - Long Jump (Outdoor Activity)
Material Required:
  1. Two markers (ropes or a lengthy coir string)
  2. Chalk pieces.
Preparatory effort:
  • Mark the start line.
  1. Children to form a queue.
  2. Each child to leap maximum distance.
  3. Guru to mark & note the distance jumped by each child.
  4. The child who jumps the farthest wins & gets the title “Hanuman”.
Shoot Ravana (Indoor game)
Material Required:
  1. Ravana’s picture
  2. Bow & arrows.
  3. Marker
  4. Chalk piece
  5. Preparatory effort
  6. Mark the start line
  1. Stick Ravana’s picture at a height.
  2. Ask the children to form a queue.
  3. Each child to take aim.
  4. Mark each child’s aim with a chalk piece/marker.
  5. Three aims closest to Ravana are declared as winners.
Hanuman Meets Sita - Maze Activity Sheet (Easy)
Hanuman Meets Sita - Maze Activity Sheet (Complex)

A wonderful South Indian summer drink. Also served as "Prasad" during "Rama Navami" festival celebrations.


A sweet drink with a wonderfully different taste. This is also served as “Prasad” during “ Rama Navami” festival celebrations.

Making a hut in Panchavati
Values inculcated:
  1. Working with a team.
Material Required:
  1. Cloth
  2. Sticks
  3. Stopwatch/ Watch
  1. Divide children into 2 groups.
  2. Start timer.
  3. Team starts construction of the hut.
  4. Team that finishes the hut first will be the winner.
An Amazing Art

20th century has seen many amazing arts. One such is this picture drawn by Vattaadi Paapaiya in 1904. Any image turned upside down gives a flipped view. It is surprising to notice that this picture looks the same even when reversed. This picture depicts the scene of Kaikeyi claiming two boons from Dasaratha. When turned upside down, it is just the same!

Try such innovations in your art to make it more interesting !!!!

Row, row, row your boat with Rama

Dear children, Guha, the boatman, ferried Lord Rama, Mother Sita and Lakshmana. Let each of us pick papers, scissors and a few colours to build a boat for our own Lord Rama. Look at the video, fold the sheet of paper step-by-step as demonstrated. When the boat is ready, sketch and stick images of Guha, Lord Rama, Mother Sita, and Lakshmana in the boat. Sing your favourite bhajan through the activity to ferry the Lord into you. Sairam

Round we go with Rama

Dear children, mark Lord Rama 's birth at home or Balvikas class with this simple activity. Collect 10 unwanted CDs. Also pick out 7 of your favourite pictures related to the birth and childhood of the Lord. Cut the pictures in circular shapes and stick them to the CDs as shown. Glue the discs together and make a stand too. Your own collage on Lord Rama 's birth is ready !