These are meal enhancing dishes. A South Indian meal is complete with chutneys – dip.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba says “Hurry, worry and curry (fatty foods) are the root cause of cardiac ailments. The presence of toxins also inflicts equal damage. In my opinion, it is the primary responsibility of every individual to prevent themselves becoming victims of heart disease by regulating their food and other habits. Prevention isbetter than cure” (Second International Symposium on Cardiovascular diseases in Puttaparthi on 21st – 23rd January, 1994)

  • Beetroot thuvayal

    Ingredients Soak amla sized tamarind in warm water Dry roast the ingredients in a kadai along with hing 4. Saute the grated beetroot in dry kadai Add the roasted dal, chillies, sauted beetroot,tamarind _ salt and grind it in a mixer Beetroot thuvaiyal is ready

    Ridgegourd chutney is an easy recipe and you can make it with easily available ingredients in your kitchen.It tastes great with idli, dosa and even with hot rice. Ingredients  Step - 1 Step - 2 Step- 3 Step - 4 Step - 5

    Pudina or mint chutney is very flavourful and delicious side dish.It is very tasty dish and goes well with Idli, Dosa and even with hot rice. Ingredients Step - 1 Step - 2 step- 3 Step- 4 Step- 5 VARIATIONS : Dilute this chutney with water,when serving ...

    Coriander Chutney is a simple ,healthy and yet a tasty recipe to go with Idli, dosa and even with pakoras and samosa. Step -1 Step-2 Step -3 Step -4 Step-5 Step-6 Step-7 Step-8  

    Capsicum chutney is a very good alternative if you are bored with routine chutney. It is very healthy ,tasty dish goes well with Idli, dosa or even with roti. Wash capsicum and chop. Slice onions and tomatoes. In a pan, heat oil saute sliced onions and capsicum till they turns ...
  • boatMailChutney

    Step - 1   Step - 2  
  • Beetroot Chutney

    Step-1 Step - 2 Step -3 step- 4 Step - 5 Step - 6
  • All leaves chutney

    1.Ingredients 2.Heat oil fry channa 3.Fry Urad dal 4.Fry Chilli Cumin 5.Fry Onion 6.Fry Gingergarlic paste 7. Fry Tamarind Paste 8.Fry Curry Leaves 9.Fry Coriander Leaves 10.Fry Mint leaves 11.Cool 12.Grind to Chutney