“The body has been given for following the path of dharma (righteousness). Man is not born to eat, drink, and make merry. No doubt food is necessary to sustain life… Food for maintaining life and clothes for covering the body should be the guiding principle. Food and head must lead you only to God and nowhere else. There must be perfect harmony between food, the head, and God. By itself, the head carries no value.” – Sri Sathya Sai Baba (SSIB 2000:8 p.148 – 21.05.2000)


    Bhagara Baingan is a delicious dish made with small brinjals (augberines).It is a popular Indian cuisine brinjal curry of Hyderabad. It is also called as Nune vankaya kure in Telugu. This dish is served with Biriyani or bhagara rice called as bhagara chawal. Let us see how to make this delicious ...

    Raagi kazhi (Finger Millet Ball) is a nutritious meal and very popular in rural folks of  Tamilnadu. It is also known as raagi sankati in Andhra and as raagi mudde in Karnataka. Let us see the easy-to-do version of making raagi kazhi.

    This  South Indian Soup  is deliciously light soup, which helps digestion. In South India it is taken as a soup or even mixed with hot cooked rice and ghee. Blend well the tomatoes, green chilli and ginger with one cup of water and set aside. Pressure cook (3 whistles)  the Toor ...
  • Khubani Ka Meeta

    Fruit and nut sweet served with fresh cream, custard or ice cream.
  • Ragi Sankati

    Ragi and rice flour balls served with Sambhar or Averakai Huli.