“As is the food, so is the thought. As is the feeling, so is the experience.”
– Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, November 21, 1995

Be it the humble Puliyothara, juicy mangoes, or delicious milk sweets, Swami had served it all. And, served it with much love. His life is His message, in food too. While Bhagawan Himself was a frugal eater, when it came to serving food to others, His attention to details and personal care were exemplary. As food is not for just for sustenance, but for enriching the body and the mind too, Bhagawan emphasised on several dos and donts related to food, cooking, and eating habits. He also put these into action at all His educational institutions.

For many on this globe, life is still a struggle for their daily bread. Yet, for many others, a King’s meal is a given. Eating out, preferring snacks and junk food to veggies and fruits, and parties where much is wasted are all a part of social life for most of us. However, home-cooked meals, served with love, shared with compassion, and eaten with gratitude and prayers is the best for the young and the old.

“Food is Brahma. From food all creatures are born. And, having been born, by food they live. And, having departed, into food they again enter,” says the Taitriya Upanishad.

As a humble offering to Bhagawan, the website gives simple recipes that parents can make in a jiffy at home for children. Some traditional home food recipes are part of the website. These come with little reminders from Swami’s teachings as food for thought.

“Healthy Food for Healthy Body” recipe corner is divided into different segements – breakfast, meal, snacks, fresh juces/drinks, chaats, soups, salads, poridges, etc. Step by step methods with photographs are provided in such a way that even beginners can make the recipes with ease. We hope this will encourage more children to eat at home with their family and friends.

“The Vedhaantha has declared that the mind is the cause of man’ s bondage or liberation. Equally the mind is responsible for health or sickness. In this context, food is all important.” – Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba on February 7, 1993

Latest Recipes


Simple white sauce pasta that is creamy and delicious is Flavored with herbs and loaded with vegetables. Pasta in white sauce makes a complete meal due to the addition of veggies. It is one of the easiest pasta recipes and all time favourite, especially for kids.Let us see how to make this pasta ...


Sweet Seedai is crispy and crunchy made with rice flour and jaggery. Its a traditional sweet made for Krishna Janmashtami. It tastes good with rice flour made at home as explained in the steps below. Soak rice . Spread the wet rice on a cloth and dry Add the dried rice to a blender and ...


Ingredients-Urad dal, red chillies, hing   Ingredients- grated beetroot     Soak amla sized tamarind in warm water Dry roast the ingredients in a kadai along with hing 4. Saute the grated beetroot in dry kadai Add the roasted dal, chillies, ...

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