Balvikas Gurus’ Training

Sri Sathya Sai Balvikas - The Only Ray of Hope for Mankind
(An Inspiring Talk by Smt. KAMALA PANDYA, Deputy National Coordinator for Balvikas on 6 January 2018)

The Balvikas gurus’ training is needed in order to understand the purpose for which balvikas has been started by our Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Since there are three groups in Balvikas, training is needed because of the differences in need content and approach. It is not enough for Gurus to know the syllabus; but at the same time they should be fully equipped to use all the five techniques in the class. The training programme equips the teachers with the skills to create and sustain the interest in the minds of Balvikas children to participate actively in the Balvikas classes. The training emphasizes on the points in the syllabus which can be used as a means of transformation. It is a method to motivate them to become inspiring Gurus.